Minnesota Fox Pole Dances For Rescue Donations

Batty a.k.a. Artemis the fox is pole dancing for donations to help fund Save A Fox Rescue in Faribault, Minnesota.

Save A Fox shared videos of the fox bonding with its human mom, Mikayla, on the pole, and trying the pole all by himself on Instagram.

According to the post, Save A Fox Rescue is a non-profit organization specializing in foxes that works specifically with captive born foxes from fur farms and pet surrender cases. They take them in, rehabilitate them, and provide them with acres of fox runs and bonding time with volunteers.

Because they were born in captivity, these foxes could not survive in the wild. Because of that, it's important for them to form bonds with people...even if it means pole dancing! Lol.

If you love foxes as much as I do, learn more about Save A Fox and donate to the Minnesota-based shelter here.

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