Massachusetts Man Lights Fire On Roof Using Roman Candles To Kill Hornets

Let's be honest....we have all been there. We see a bug, we freak out and we go into kill mode, right? Well one man in Massachusetts went a little overboard. He went ahead and sparked fire to his house with roman candles as he was trying to get rid of some nasty hornets. According to Telegram & Gazette, "Dave Schmida, of Sturbridge, first tried using Raid, an insecticide spray, but that didn’t work — so he decided to use a firework instead." His first three shots missed but the fourth hit its target, and the hornet’s nest went up in flames.

According to, He then went upstairs and put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. Dave Schmida can be seen in the video leaning out of the window with a fire extinguisher in his hands. The roof suffered minimal damage; some boards were burned and now there’s a small hole in the house. “I did get rid of the bees, so I would say mission accomplished," Dave Schmida added

Yeah, mission accomplished but probably not the smartest thing in the world. You can check out the video and tweet that was posted below.



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