Wisconsin Mom Loses Fingers, Toes, and Leg After Getting Rug Burn

A Wisconsin mother-of-three lost her fingers, toes, and part of her leg after contracting a life-threatening infection from rug burn.

According to the Daily Mail, 37-year-old Alecia Kennen got rug burn on her right shoulder after accidentally tripping over her dog in June 2015. Days later, she began experiencing sharp pain under her right armpit.

Kennen rushed to the hospital, soon going into multi-organ failure with her lungs filling with fluid and her limbs turning black. Hospital staff knew right away that she was very ill, and she was airlifted to a hospital in Eau Claire.

Doctors diagnosed her with a group A strep toxic shock syndrome which she got after all three of her sons passed the strep bacteria to her. The bacteria had entered her body through the rug burn.

Since then, Kennen has had several relapses of the infection, resulting in having to amputate her fingers up to her knuckles, all toes, and her right leg below the knee.

Toxic shock syndrome commonly occurs when women use tampons for an extended period of time and affects about one in 100,000 people, according to The Washington Post.

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