Minnesota Rally Shows How Much Elizabeth Warren Looks Like Minnesota Moms

Elizabeth Warren met her Minnesota lookalike and learned something hilarious about the woman when she said "We need to talk." (No, not to the manager.)

According to the Daily Mail, Stephanie Oyen showed up to Warren's rally at Macalester College dressed as the senator in a blue blazer and clear-rimmed glasses.

Oyen says she's donned this outfit for the past two Halloweens and was looking for laughs at the rally. But what was a joke for her turned into excitement for quite a few people in the crowd, because they believed she was actually Elizabeth Warren - including some of Warren's campaign staff.

She told the Star Tribune, "People started yelling, 'Senator Warren!' People were clapping and running up to me to take photos. I kept saying 'I'm not her!' but I looked up and hundreds of people were staring at me."

From there, Oyen says things got weird FAST. And because of the crowd's reaction, she eventually ditched the outfit and hid behind a tall guy.

Once Warren took the stage, things settled down and people realized she wasn't her. But Oyen did get to take a picture with Warren, who was also confused by her similar look.

"I couldn't tell if she recognized I was dressed like her or if she thought, 'Here's a weird lady dressed like a stereotypical politician,'" she said.

When Warren did a double take of her outfit, she pointed and said, "We need to talk!"

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