Mother DRAGGED For Using Clicker Training On Her Toddler Like A Dog

A mother and psychologist is being criticized for training her toddler to "heel" like a dog, insisting that babies are "just baby mammals" and respond to the same techniques.

Like most parents, Jo-Rosie Haffenden didn't want her three-year-old "angel child" to wander away from her. So, she decided to teach her son, Santino, the same technique used for the "heel" command, the Daily Mail reports.

"If I want Santino to walk at my side, without running off, he will," said Haffenden. "You use the same techniques that you do training dogs to get that to happen."

Her training methods have worked so well that she's launched a TV show called "How To Train Your Baby Like A Dog," in which she recommends throwing out mainstream parenting ideals and replacing them with dog training guides. The show caused so much outrage that an online petition to get it cancelled garnered more than 21,000 signatures. Petitioners are saying "children are not dogs."

How do you feel about Haffenden's child training techniques?

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