Mom Sleeps With A Knife After Burning Pennywise Doll That Showed Up In Yard

A mom went to extreme lengths to get rid of a Pennywise doll that "floated" into her backyard.

According to the Daily Mail, 42-year-old divorced mother of two Renee Jensen said she was relaxing with her boyfriend, Alex, outside their home Saturday afternoon when they both saw a Pennywise doll descending onto their property.

"All of a sudden we saw it come through the tree line across the yard without hitting one tree and clear the top of the gate at an angle," she told the Daily Mail.

She noticed the doll had cult-like symbols on its forehead and a fake blood-soaked mouth.

"I turned it over and saw the face and let go of it immediately and yelled for Alex," she said of picking up the doll.

Renee and Alex called police, and then set the doll ablaze after soaking it in olive oil.

Not quite knowing how to cope with the incident, Renee said she left the house for a couple hours and then slept with a kitchen knife at night.

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