Woman BLINDED After Following Googled Cooking Instructions

A woman was blinded in one eye after following microwave cooking instructions that she'd googled.

According to the Daily Mail, 22-year-old Bethany Rosser read a Delish article that said it was safe to microwave eggs in water as long as she added salt. So she microwaved the eggs for six minutes at 900W and left them to cool on the counter.

When Rosser checked on the eggs to see if they were ready, they exploded and hit the right side of her face.

The Delish article reportedly warned against NOT using salt, as the salt "ensures that the egg won't explode."

"We're talking volcanic hot egg pieces and sharp bits of shell flying everywhere," the article reportedly says. "Skip the salt at your own risk!"

Rosser suffered burns that caused her skin to peel off and doesn't know if the damage done to her eye will recover.

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