BMW Filled With Semi-Automatic Rifles Reported Outside South MPLS Home

Neighbors warned of a suspicious person staked outside a South Minneapolis home in a vehicle that was reportedly filled with guns.

Several people posted information about the August 2 incident on Nextdoor to Kingfield and surrounding neighborhood residents. Since it's from Nextdoor, take away from it what you will. There was reportedly police involvement.

A post from August 12 reads the following:

Last week a person was parked in a Black BMW on multiple days for long periods of time near the intersection of 43rd and Bryant Ave So. Police were eventually called and it was discovered he had multiple weapons and loads of ammo in the vehicle, including two semi-automatic weapons. He also had a bullet proof vest. He was detained and the weapons were confiscated but they were purchased legally so I believe he could go to the precinct and ask for them back. Worth noting he told police he was watching a house - that happened to have a handmade anti-Trump sign in the window. An East Harriet neighbor contacted 13th Ward council member Linnea Palmisano on 8/5. She replied the same day after having talked with 5th Precinct Inspector Amelia Huffman who let her know that a # of steps have been taken to respond to this situation, including the 'safe keeping' of the individual's guns until a very thorough background check is run, alerting all officers in the precinct about the details of this incident, an investigation by the weapons unit, and, this statement: "We encourage anyone who notices that the suspicious vehicle involved in this incident has returned to the neighborhood to call 911 and tell the call taker that firearms were recovered from the suspicious vehicle on 8/2 as the driver was parked in the neighborhood. Officers will make contact with the driver and occupants and assess the situation.". I have reported this information to the police. Description of person involved – Hair: Short brown hair, Age: Late 30s, Sex: Male Description of vehicle involved – Color: Black, Make: BMW, License plate: 920 LLU

Read the original post here, and see a screenshot of it below.

Another neighbor re-posted the ORIGINAL report in the comments of this post, which reads the following with more specifics of what allegedly occurred:

Suspicious vehicle, guns, police involvement Neighbors, here’s an FYI about an incident that happened on Friday 8/2/19, at around 5 pm, involving a great deal of police activity on 42nd Street between Colfax and Bryant. Here’s what we saw and learned from police: police checked out a vehicle that had been parked numerous times recently in that immediate area for long periods of time with someone in the car. Police questioned and detained the man and confiscated numerous guns from the front seat of his car: two that appeared to be semi-automatic rifles (assault style), a handgun, and 10-15 high capacity magazines for the rifles. He also had a home-made bullet-proof vest. Apparently he had been watching a house on 42nd between Bryant and Aldrich, and claimed he was working with the police, and was there to help them catch someone. The police stated that he had no connection to them. They held him in their car, in handcuffs, for quite a while (45+ minutes). They then released him because he had permits for the guns that checked out. They did keep the guns, but it sounds like he will likely be able to pick them back up at the police station. The police told us to call them again if he is seen in the area again. The car was a black BMW, license plate 920 LLU, and the man was white with short dark hair, probably in his late 30s. . I have reported this information to the police.

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