Minnesota Man Sentenced For Wife's Meth-Fueled Death Party

The Minnesota man who admitted to throwing his wife a methamphetamine-fueled "death party" has been sentenced to just 3 years in prison.

According to the Mankato Free Press (via People), Duane Arden Johnson was sentenced just two months after pleading guilty to neglecting his 69-year-old wife Debra Lynn Johnson before her death at home in January.

Johnson told police that his wife begged him to take her home from a nursing home to let her die.

Going against medical advice, Johnson took Debra from the nursing facility and brought her home, where the couple used meth and had sex to their favorite song, "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" by Quiet Riot.

Debra was found in their home on January 24. The words "Death Parde God Hell" were painted on the front door.

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