Man Wearing TV On Head Caught On Camera Leaving Old TVs On Front Porches

Residents in a Virginia neighborhood are dealing with a very strange sighting. The residents woke up to find free television sets on their front porches and doors. It may sound like a great gift but the TV's were a little bit on the older side. It isn't just the free gift that was weird. Doorbell surveillance cameras captured the man with a TV set over his head. it's like a TV Santa...except weird and creepy.

The bizarre discovery happened Sunday morning and outdated boxes were found at more than 50 homes! Police are tuned into the situation. They have security camera video from multiple neighbors, but think it's only a prank targeting no one in particular.

"At most this seems to be more an inconvenience to the community," said one officer. Officers and county workers spent Sunday morning picking up the old units and hauling them away.



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