Amy Klobuchar Refuses To Say Whether MN or Iowa Has a Better State Fair

After spending her entire presidential campaign identifying herself as the moderate Democrat who can work across the aisle, Amy Klobuchar stayed true to form by sitting on the fence about a fairly crucial question concerning Iowa and Minnesota.

"There have been a lot of comparisons between the Iowa State Fair and the Minnesota State Fair. I’m not going to say which one is better," Klobuchar told a crowd at the Iowa State Fair this weekend,per the Star Tribune's Patrick Condon.

The Minnesota senator's comment really does prove that even for something as innocuous as state fairs, politicians are terrified of offending anybody during primary season.

Yes, she was at the Iowa State Fair. Yes, she is trying to appeal to Iowan Democrats ahead of next year's crucial presidential primary. Yes, she is currently polling at 2-4 percent. We know why she said it.

She repeated the poser in a tweet in which she was pictured alongside another Minnesota champion, Andrew Zimmern, at the Minnesota State Fair.

Funnily enough, Zimmern had no compunction about which was better, tweeting: "I love the ISF. It’s great fun. The MSF is the single greatest cultural event in the world and I’ve said it 1000 times, written about it and made lots of TV saying the same thing. NOTHING compares to the MSF. Full stop."

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