Wisconsin Shocks Literally No One When Wildest Party Colleges List Revealed

A list of the top 20 party schools in the United States was revealed, and Wisconsin did not disappoint.

The Daily Mail shared the list, which goes as follows:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. University of Alabama
  3. University of Delaware
  4. West Virginia University
  5. Tulane University
  6. University of California-Santa Barbara
  7. Colgate University
  8. Wake Forest University
  9. Bucknell University
  10. University of Rhode Island
  11. University of Maine
  12. Union College (NY)
  13. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  14. University of Vermont
  15. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  16. University of Florida
  17. Sonoma State University
  18. Florida State University
  19. University of Dayton
  20. University of Connecticut

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