Daughter Learns DISTURBING Details About Parents With Ancestry DNA Test

An innocent Christmas gift for her parents uncovered some interesting details about who one woman thought her parents were.

According to the Daily Mail, 24-year-old Rebecca Cartellone bought her parents a DNA test from Ancestry as a Christmas present last year. Months later, the results showed that she didn't share any of her father's Italian genetic history and makeup.

A separate paternity test confirmed she is not biologically related to the man who raised her.

Now the family is suing Cincinnati's Institute for Reproductive Health, The Christ Hospital and Ovation Fertility for allegedly using the wrong sperm to fertilize the mother's eggs when the couple underwent in-vitro fertilization in 1993 and 1994.

Rebecca's biological father has been narrowed down to five people...one being a man who was a doctor at The Christ Hospital at that time.

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