Meth Addicted Couple Shows Before & After Photos After Quitting Drugs

A couple who started doing meth together shared before and after photos to celebrate around three years of recovery together.

Brent Walker, 30, and Ashley Walker, 32, quit drugs together in December 2016 just days before they tied the knot. The Daily Mail says they met in 2012 when Brent began supplying Ashley with weed, and they both started doing meth together. Brent was incarcerated for two years, and when he got out they quit drugs to make their relationship work.

The couple shared one image from November 2016, when they were still using, along with a second more recent image. On New Years Eve 2019, they'll have been sober for three years.

Brent says over 100 struggling addicts have reached out to him since they shared the before and after photos.

"I have had a lot of people message me saying that our story inspired them to check into an inpatient rehab to get help," he said. "I am overwhelmed, it's just a huge blessing knowing that our story has helped someone get sober and hopefully share their testimony one day and help another also."

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