Friends Is Turning 25! Celebrate With This Friends Themed Lego Ideas Set

It honestly shocks me that the show Friends is turning 25! It's been over two decades since its debut on NBC. Get this, the show's final episode was watched by 52.5 million Americans which is a lot of people. It aired for 10 seasons and had over two hundred episodes which means it totally deserves its own Lego set, right? Right! Lego has officially announced a Friends Lego set just in time for their 25th Anniversary in September.

According to, The set was selected by Lego’s panel back in February. They’ve tweaked the design to make it more retail-friendly, reducing the overall size and cutting the piece count down from just over 1700 to 1070 (15 of which are coffee cups). That helps simplify the build a bit and it also keeps the price down.

The Friends set goes on sale September 1st, and Lego has priced it at a very reasonable $59.99. So get it and treat yourself, especially if it hasn't been your week, month or even your year.

You can check out more of the details in the video below:

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