18 Year Old's Lung Collapses After Only 1 Year of Vaping

An 18-year-old college student's lung collapsed due to damage from the toxic chemicals in his mint Juul pods, he told DailyMail.com. 

Chance Ammirata, a rising freshman atFlorida International University (FIU) in Miami, was at death's door last week as a result of the device he thought was 'safe.' 

On average, Chance vaped about one Juul pod every two days - roughly the equivalent of 10 cigarettes-worth of nicotine a day. 

The Food and Drug Administration does not cap nicotine content for cigarettes or vapes, contents of other chemicals vary from product to product and everyone's tolerances vary for nicotine are different, so it's not clear how much is too much.

It has recently announced plans to add more substances to its list of toxins e-cig and cigarette makers must be disclose, as well as to regulate nicotine content. 

But these changes didn't come soon enough to save Chance vaping far more than his young body could handle.  

What he thought was just a strained muscle turned out to be devastating damage that required major surgery to repair to repair. 

Now, Chance is blasting a warning against the trendy e-cigarettes to his social media as he begins the long road to recovery. 

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