New Report: St. Paul Roads A Mess - Only Getting Worse

A recent City of St. Paul report found what its residents already know to be true: many of the city’s roads are poor condition.

The report, which will be presented to the city council on Wednesday, examines the city’s streets using something called the "pavement condition index" – rating streets based on a 0 to 100 scale.

The average score for the city’s streets falls in the “fair” category at 62, but this will only get worse in the next 20 years if funding levels don’t increase, according to the report.

Arterial roads, or high-traffic urban roads, are in even worse shape, with an average score of 55 on the PCI.


My personal 2 cents? When did we run out of funding for crucial, everyday things like schools, teachers, roads, etc? Obviously for many years, but the problem? Again my 2 cents.....greed. Perhaps I'm ignorant, admittedly I don't spend a lot of time educating myself on this type of stuff, but it seems to me, basic common sense says there's too much greed. I just don't understand how there isn't enough money to go around for really important stuff like this. Because there's too much money going into other pockets perhaps?

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