Oregon Man Steals Cookies While Wearing Cookie Monster Shirt

If you're going to steal cookies...do it in style I suppose? According to police, Someone donning a shirt featuring the famed blue "Sesame Street" character allegedly entered a convenience store in Forest Grove, Ore., in the middle of the night on July 22 and ate half a package of cookies and then left without paying.

When police arrived on the scene, "the alleged cookie monster was gone," officials stated in a news release. The story does not end there. The cookie thief felt guilty because police say he arrived to the police station later and confessed but said the situation was a misunderstanding. Whatever the case may be, the man really wanted some cookies.

Police wrote, "This entry was brought to you by the letters C and T, and the number 3, as in Citation for Theft 3.." Hey, at least they have a sense of humor about it.


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