Dont Panic But There's Literally Scorpion Infestations in Blaine

Reddit user Nick521 posted a terrifying account of how he is finding scorpions all over his Blaine home:

"I own 1/4 acre in the Northeastern corner of Blaine, in new development, that backs up on a small, sandy pond.

This evening, I was playing with my dog in the backyard when she became distracted - sure enough by an inch-long, light brown Scorpion in the grass that resembles an AZ Bark Scorpion, per my research.

I proceeded to (A) panic, and then (B) pick it up with a shovel and toss it in the pond.

Not even 30 minutes later, I was in my kitchen when I found another, much smaller one on the laminate floor, burrowing against the bottom edge of the center island. It was skiddish and moving pretty quickly. I went to get a dustpan, and when I returned, it was gone and hasn't been seen since.

I'll sacrifice every ounce of manly braveness I have and admit that I'm pretty spooked and am a tad weary about going to sleep tonight. But more than anything, I'm confused. I haven't been to a desert region in 2 years, I have no neighbors who'd keep them as pets, and my house is SPOTLESS. Are scorpions in MN actually a thing?

Also... who the hell do I call to get my house treated? We don't exactly have scorpion exterminators on every other block like they do in AZ. A quick google search gave me terminix/mouse control/etc. but I'm at a loss.

Can you guys (A) assure me I won't get stung and die and (B) provide any recommendations as far as getting my house treated or what you did if you had a similar problem in the area?"

One person seemed to have an idea to get rid of them:

"I hope someone helps you figure out wtf they’re doing up here and how to do a controlled burn on your house safely. I’m pretty sure it’s the only way you can be 100% sure they’re gone for good"

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