Woman STEALS Dying Man's DOG While He Was Having Seizure In A Parking Lot

A woman was arrested for allegedly taking a dog from its owner, who was suffering a seizure in a parking lot.

According to the Daily Mail, 30-year-old Melody Mellon is accused of stealing little Sampson from 59-year-old Robert Corbey, while Corbey was suffering a seizure in a 7-Eleven parking lot in Longmont, Colorado.

Corbey was pronounced dead within minutes.

The man's family turned to the public for information on Sampson's whereabouts, and surveillance footage from the store showed a woman, later identified as Mellon, walking away with the dog as authorities arrived.

Days later, a deputy spotted a couple walking a dog that resembled and turned out to be Sampson. He was reunited with Corbey's family shortly thereafter, who say having Sampson is like having a "piece of [Corbey] back."

Upon Mellon's arrest, police say she was "verbally antagonistic" while two officers tried to get her in a patrol car. She kicked them several times before urinating and spitting inside the car.

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