UPDATE: Editor Demoted - The New York Times Have Angered MN Again

UPDATE: The New York Times editor on this story has been demoted! READ HERE

The New York Times continues to find its way into Minnesota's bad books, with this time a political editor at the newspaper offending the city of Minneapolis.

The subject of Minnesotan ire on Wednesday was the NYT's Deputy Washington Editor, Jonathan Weisman, who posted a tweet that he has subsequently removed and clarified.

It came amid a discussion about a comment from former U.S. Senator for Missouri Claire McCaskill that "Free stuff from the government does not play well in the Midwest" in relation to Medicare-For-All.


I say, just leave us alone......it's not possible for me to care any less about how the rest of the country views us or categorizes us. I'm content to stay "fly over country".

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