St Paul Distillery Releases Canned Cocktails To Make Your Summer Perfect

Growler wrote an incredible article about the new cocktails being released in St Paul this week and I am ALL ABOUT THIS:

Since the release of a bottled old fashioned last year, Egbert has been busy tinkering with the formulas of a few more classic cocktails. When factors like oxidization and shelf stability are in play, ingredients like citrus, vermouth, and cream pose a greater challenge. But his extensive flavor library helps in devising workarounds—the sweet vermouth in his Manhattan is replaced with sherry soaked with figs and rhubarb, for example. 

Three of the drinks are heading for distribution this week (Thomas Liquors, France 44, and Mt. Royal Bottle Shoppe will be among the first to get them):

  • Manhattan:Rye whiskey with a fleshy sweetness and a dry finish, using sherry, figs, and rhubarb in place of vermouth. 
  • Old Fashioned:A slightly reworked formula (more orange!) of their previously released old fashioned.
  • White Russian:A velvety sip of chai spice with Wisconsin cream. 

Three more will be released the following week:

  • Martini:A mellow lavender and lemon flavor—a vodka drink that feels more like gin.
  • El Presidente:Sweet pomegranate and curacao meet the funkiness of sugar cane rum. An instant tiki.
  • Martinez:Pear and elderflower team up to sweeten the classic gin drink.

For the full story on where to find these, click here

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