So...Croc Gloves Are A Thing Now Thanks To A Popular Youtuber

I feel like it was only a matter of time. They have finally done it. Croc gloves are now a thing. Luckily they were made more so as a joke by popular youtuber, Matt Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions. He decided to take everyone's "favorite" footwear and convert them into finger less gloves.

Benedetto kept the shoes’ ankle strap as part of the design, letting it rest against the wearers’ knuckles. The style leaves the tips of the fingers exposed, with the distinctive Crocs’ holes providing breathability according to

The youtuber also put them to the test with some success — sporting the handwear to grill, garden and use a cell phone. I mean, if they're comfy...why not? Again, according to, Crocs is getting plenty of positive press after reporting strong second-quarter earnings of 59 cents per share, beating analysts’ bets of 46 cents. The clog maker saw adjusted profits jump 3.1% to $42.6 million, while sales increased 9.4% to meet Wall Street’s predictions of $358.9 million.

You can watch the video below:

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