Semisonic Ready To Release New Album For The First Time In 18 Years!

If you were one of the many who were at the Cities97.1 Basilica Block Party this past month you know this is no surprise! Semisonic has announced that they will be releasing a brand new album. The first in 18 years! According to lead singer, Dan Wilson, a lot of it was not finding the right sound for the band. In fact, it wasn't till he sat down with Liam Gallagher...yes that Liam Gallagher that he felt something. Wilson went onto to say, "I admire him so much, and we had a really nice talk… I set out to write some Liam Gallagher songs, but I totally accidentally wrote some Semisonic songs instead… Something about it just put me in the right mood. It opened the door. It was like, “Oh yeah, now I remember how to do this.”

It only took almost two decades but I'm glad were finally getting some new music from the local band. Semisonic are still going through the details of the album’s release, and it’ll probably come out next year, so stay tuned!


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