Reminder! New 'Slow Driver" Law Goes Into Effect August 1st!

Just a reminder! Tomorrow, driving below the speed limit in the left lane could lead to fines up to $125. This new law which was implemented by Sen. Jon Jasinski’s (R) and put into place by state legislators in May will finally crack down on those slow drivers. What does this law exactly mean? It means that slow drivers in the left lane can now be fined. So, hopefully no more or at the very least, less slow downs in the near future.

There is something to note here though, Nothing in this law or any Minnesota allows for drivers to break the speed limit. So, in other words, if the driver is going the speed limit...there is no need to pass them, but again if you're going too slow you can receive a hefty $125 fine. According to Tim Walz, “It’s not a free-for-all to go as fast as you can. It’s simply to make sure the flow of traffic works in the most efficient and safe manner..."

Also to note:The hands free law is will be in effect as well. You could get a fine up to $75 for the first time and $375 fine and court fees for the second time if you are using your phone while driving in the your car.

What do you think of the new law?

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