Hero 5 Year Old Boy Saves 13 People From House Fire

A five-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero for saving 13 people from a Chicago house fire. 

Jayden Espinosa awoke to smoke and flames inside the home in the Back of the Yards neighborhood just before 4am on Saturday.

The little boy said he ran upstairs for help after spotting the fire in the kitchen of the two and a half story brick home. 

'I just walked in there and seen the flames in there in the kitchen,' he told NBC Chicago

'It made my bones hurt.' 

Jayden ran to alert the rest of the people sleeping inside the home. 

'I wanted to go tell someone,' he said. 

All 13 people staying at the home, including seven adults and six children, managed to escape safely with no injuries. 

They even managed to save a 30-year-old pet turtle named Rambo.  

His aunt Nicole Peeples said she doesn't think they would have survived if it wasn't for Jayden's warning. 

Peeoples said she didn't smell any smoke and that none of the fire alarms went off.  

'Without Jayden, I don't think we would have survived,' she said. 

'He said 'auntie, auntie, there's a fire. We need to get out.' I never smelled any smoke and the fire alarms never went off. I'm so glad he was there.' 

Jayden's father Kashmir Espinosa also praised his little boy, saying: “What he did was courageous. I would hope that anyone would do the same thing.'

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