Death Cab For Cutie Release New Release Coming Out In September!

Death Cab For Cutie have announced they will be releasing a brand new EP titled, The Blue EP which is set for a release this fall. The band has also released one of the songs from the new release titled, Kids In '99 which serves as a tribute to the victims of the 1999 Bellingham Olympic Pipeline explosion in Seattle, Washington.

According to the press release, Two of The Blue EP’s tracks “To The Ground” and “Before The Bombs” were recorded during the Thank You for Today sessions, but ended up getting held for the forthcoming EP. The Blue EP also contains brand new tracks, the aforementioned “Kids in ’99” and “Blue Bloods,” which were produced by The National and Kurt Vile producer Peter Katis.  The band was also featured on Chance The Rapper's newest track, Do You Remember off his newest album, The Big Day.

The Blue EP drops on Friday September 6 and can be pre-ordered here. Listen to “Kids in ’99” below.



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