Ariana Grande: "I Can't Wait For JonBenet Ramsey To Be Your Halloween Look"

Ariana Grande is under fire for making an inappropriately insensitive comment about JonBenet Ramsey.

According to the Daily Mail, Grande's friend Doug Middlebrook shared a photo of a tabloid magazine with the six-year-old pageant queen's face on it with the caption, "No one has done more covers."

Grande commented, "i cant WAIT for this to be your halloween look," to which Middlebrook replied, "working on it already."

Fans were super quick to jump on her with major backlash, and the pop star appears to have realized how insensitive her comment was.

"Yeah no i deleted it very quickly and understand that it's not at all funny. this was out of pocket and i sincerely apologize," she said.

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