Hero MN Uber Driver Takes Woman on 400 Mile Trip to Birthday Party

According to CityPages, Niece Kerry Maggard was flying in from Lafayette, Louisiana. Her sister, Deb Eggers, had arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport from San Antonio.

But a storm grounded their connecting flight to Sioux Falls. All later flights were sold out, as were the rental cars that might have been their backup position.

So Maggard took a shot at summoning Uber. She didn't expect to find a driver willing to make the 400-mile round trip. Yet moments later, her phone popped the message that Jesus Florentino, Minnesota's Greatest Uber Driver (TM), was only seven minutes from allying their despair.

Maggard explained it would take four hours—with another four in return—assuming Florentino would balk. Yet Minnesota's Greatest Uber Driver, it must be said, forever rises to the occasion when damsels face distress.

"He was just so sweet and without hesitation he said, 'I'm a driver, that's what I do. I'll take you,'" Maggardtold CNN.

"It's an important occasion,” Florentino said, “and if I was in their place I would appreciate very much someone bringing me there when there was no other way."

The party was already over by the time they arrived in Edgerton, a tiny town of 1,100 people just short of the South Dakota border. Yet cousins remained to greet the weary travelers, as did Aunt Ann Stueven, who was born in 1919.

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