Dad Confronts Employee Who Made Snarky Comment About His Girls' Period Pads

One store clerk learned the hard way never to make a snarky comment about women's hygiene products to 12-year-old girls.

The Daily Mail shared this story that appeared on Reddit accompanied by actual footage of the situation in which a father can be heard saying to the store employee at checkout, "My wife and daughters came in to buy her some pads and you cracked a joke and embarrassed my daughters. You think that's okay?"

The employee tries to defend himself by saying, "I wasn't trying to embarrass anyone."

"They just started their period," says the dad.

"I wasn't making a joke about them, I just said what will the neighbors think," replies the employee.

The conversation escalates with the dad threatening to call corporate to tell on him, the F-bomb gets dropped multiple times, and they never seem to let up.

If you watch the clip below, just be aware that there's NSFW language in it. Read more here.

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