St. Paul Restaurant Rated Best Wings in Minnesota

According to a new Buzzfeed article, they ranked the best wings in every state in the country.

Minnesota's winner was clear: Casper's and Runyon's Nook in St. Paul. Their menu includes their famous "Pot O' Gold Wings", voted best in Minnesota by Mpls-St. Paul Magazine.

Some reviews that led to the award include:

"They have AMAZING big, fat, juicy chicken wings smothered in hot Buffalo sauce with lots of blue cheese and ranch dressing." —Catherine C.

"They have seriously good wings. We tried the Minnesota wild spice level. Our waiter told us that was probably the most popular choice for the wings. I don't think I've ever had wings coated in just the dry rub instead of a sauce. They were pretty spicy, but totally flavorful and delicious and not too hot." —Carrie H.

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