Baby Abandoned On Doorstep: "His Dad Tried To Kill Us...Keep Him Secret"

A newborn baby boy was abandoned on a random person's doorstep with a mysterious note indicating the mother may be in danger.

According to the Daily Mail, the baby was found on the doorstep of a resident at an apartment complex in Orlando, Florida, at around 10 a.m. on Saturday. The baby was taken to a hospital for treatment and is said to be in good health.

Aside from the baby being abandoned, the other scary piece of this story is that a note detailing an alleged domestic violence incident was left with the boy. It read the following:

Born at 5:45pm yesterday, July 19, 2019. I had him in the bathroom alone. His dad tried to kill us. Please keep him secret and take him to a hospital. Dad a very dangerous man. I'm so sorry. I tried to feed him and clean him as much as I could.

Police say it's legal in Florida to drop off unwanted newborns at hospitals and fire stations less than a week after their birth. However, it is illegal to drop off an infant at someone's home.

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