Retailer SLAMMED For Sending Out Weight Loss Bars With Plus-Size Orders

Forever 21 is at the center of a scandal involving plus-size orders and Atkins diet bars.

According to the Daily Mail, the retailer, whose customers tend to be women in their teens and early twenties, sent samples of Atkins low-carb lemon bars to customers with their online orders. Understandably, upset customers took this as a body-shaming message and took to Twitter to slam the company for its promotional practice.

One customer who received an Atkins bar with her order, Chloe, says pushing diet products with fashion purchases "can be really dangerous."

"I feel like having an Atkins bar sitting next to your pile of reject clothes can trigger something very negative and even dark in people's heads," she said, explaining that online shopping can be tricky because oftentimes the orders don't even fit.

Forever 21 apologized Tuesday, saying the bars were sent to all of its customers - not just plus-size orders.

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