The Last Bit Of Snow Has Finally Melted At The Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport

Wow, so it's true...Minnesota can have snow in July. It seems the last bit of snow has finally melted according to the Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport. That's right...there was still snow on the ground. I know we live in Minnesota but that seems insane to me. The airport had posted on Instagram last Thursday that there was still snow yet to melt from last winter. It seems it didn't last too much longer as the next day the The Pioneer Press verified with an airport spokeswoman that yes, the snow had finally melted.

I have to say...that's some stubborn snow but as the airport said on social media, it was a really big pile and June was pretty cool. Hopefully next year it won't last as long. No one wants to see that in July or in some people's minds, any part of the year. Check out the screenshot of the post below.


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