"Lion King" Shattered Records & "Endgame" Officially Biggest All Time

FULL STORY: Some HUGE records were broken at the box office this weekend.

For starters,"Avengers: Endgame"finallyslipped past"Avatar"to become the highest grossing movie of ALL TIME worldwide. "Endgame"has made $2.79 billion globally, surpassing the $2.7897 billion that"Avatar"made 10 years ago.

That's with the numbers NOT adjusted for inflation . . . and it also needed a little boost. In late June,"Endgame"was re-released with six minutes of new footage . . . probably in a bid to help it pass"Avatar". That's the GLOBAL #1. 

"Endgame"will finish a distant second domestically . . . behind"Star Wars: The Force Awakens""Endgame"has made $854.2 million in the U.S., while"The Force Awakens"is at $936.7 million.

As for this past weekend, the new"Lion King"movie was a MASSIVE success. It made $185 million in its first weekend out . . . and $531 million worldwide. And here are some of therecordsit set:

1. Biggest Domestic Opening of All Time for a Disney Remake

2. Biggest Disney Opening of All Time Outside of Marvel and LucasFilm

3. Biggest Domestic Launch Ever for a PG Movie, Animated or Otherwise

4. Biggest July Opening of All Time

5. Ninth-Biggest Domestic Opening of All Time

(In other words, Disney's live-action groundhog HAS seen its shadow . . . meaning we're probably in for another six years of live action remakes.)


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