Aerosmith Threatened To NOT PLAY At Twin Cities Summer Jam

Chris Hawkey has revealed that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler threatened to scrap his band's planned performance at Twin Cities Summer Jam an hour before going on stage.

The KFAN personality, himself a musician who organized the festival at Canterbury Park this past weekend, said he was given the news by a member of Tyler's entourage shortly before their Friday night performance.

Tyler's gripe was apparently the VIP seating at the front of the stage, with the singer saying he wanted General Admission ticket-holders to be able to come to the front.


OK, now for MY comments on this.

The organizers and Chris Hawkey won't say this because they're being professional and etc. I respect that.

Simply put.....this is absurd.....this is rock stars being rock stars and it's a load of crap.

Number one, as Chris stated, they knew the situation LONG before the day of the show, let alone an hour before the show.'re getting paid a BOAT LOAD of money.....a BOAT LOAD.....get your you know what up on the stage and play a killer show and quite whining about issues you knew about LONG before and that you AGREED to. This is what a festival has to do to pay YOUR freight, Aerosmith. Can't have it both ways. Want the whole thing general admission? Lower your cost Aerosmith. It's absurd and embarrassing. Shows just how disconnected some can become.

Props overall to everyone involved with Twin Cities Summer Jam. It was a mammoth task and they pulled it off. Hopefully nothing but onward and upward, the festival has already said that announcements and tickets for TCSJ20 are coming in September!


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