Water Turns DISGUSTINGLY Dark After Woman Soaks Something Worn Every Day

A woman who soaked six of her bras in a simple solution of two cleaning products was shocked to find the water turned a disgusting shade of dark brown.

The Daily Mail shared this story of a woman who soaked the bras for 30 minutes in a solution of Cold Power washing detergent, Sard Stain remover, and cold water. Both brands are sold in Australia, where the woman is from.

It's not clear how long the bras went without being washed.

People took on the challenge of washing their kids' school uniforms, baby clothes from storage, pillows, and even window curtains and saw similar results.

The process is compared to strip washing, which removes dirt, sweat, and bacteria from laundry that may build up despite being run through a regular wash cycle. The strip washing solution is made of Borax and soda crystals dissolved in water, along with regular washing powder; after being soaked in the solution, items should be run through the wash. It shouldn't be done regularly, as some fabrics can get worn out from this process.

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