Mom Creates "Chore Chart" For Husband with "Rewards"

A woman's detailed chore chart for her husband has Twitter users up in arms — and pitying the couple's incredibly unhealthy marriage.

An image of a sticker chore chart that has been going viral this week shows a list of tasks for 'daddy' to complete, with a different reward listed for each one.

Decorated with cutesy letters, doodles, and Disney stickers, the chart — which looks much more appropriate for a small child — promises that dad will get things like oral sex, beer, and 'no nagging' if he does such simple things as pack the kids' lunches or clean up after them. 

Down the left of the chart is a list of chores, related to both cleaning and basic childcare. Down the right is a list of rewards, and boxes in the middle partially filled with stickers show how often 'daddy' has earned those rewards.

Washing dishes is rewarded with a 12-pack of beer, putting down the toilet seat gets 'no nagging for a week,' and the reward for vacuuming car seats is that dad doesn't have to go to some annoying kid's bday party.'

If he changes a blowout diaper, he gets a 'naked hula dance' from his wife, he gets oral sex for cleaning up vomit, and if he bathes the children, his wife 'won't donate your favorite pit-stained T-shirt.'

Finally, if he packs the kids' lunches, he gets 1 'get-out-of-the-dog-house-free card.'

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