Bachelorette Fans Can Now Stay In The Infamous Windmill for $56 Per Night

The most memorable moment from The Bachelorette was when star Hannah Brown proudly revealed she had sex in a windmill with one of the contestants, and that home is available on Airbnb for just $56 per night. 

On Monday night, it was the show's infamous fantasy suite dates where Hannah, 24, experienced a romantic date with a man known as Pilot Pete Weber, 27, in which they ended the evening in a windmill-designed home in Nikithianos, Greece. 

This scene was monumental for fans because they were long teased about a line Hannah would say to another contestant, Luke Parker, about 'f***ing in a windmill'. 

Monday confirmed for fans it was Pilot Pete whom Hannah notably had sex in the windmill. 

And now it has been confirmed by Airbnb in a tweet that people can actually rent the infamous windmill for their own adventures to Greece. 

The 'Rustic Traditional Windmill' is listed on Airbnb for just $56 per night and it includes one bedroom and one bathroom fit for a maximum of four guests. 

People visiting the now-popular Airbnb location will experience a renovated windmill they can stay in.  

Also included in the experience, according to Airbnb, is breakfast, free parking on the premise and a kitchen for use. 

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