Runaway School Bus Hits Several Cars On Highway In Minnesota

Deputies had to rescue a runaway school bus after it hit several cars on the highway and wouldn't stop on its own.

According to Bring Me The News, deputies had to stop a school bus on the wrong side of the road along Highway 212 in Granite Falls, which hit several cars. When the bus didn't pull over, officers made moves to slow down oncoming traffic to try to stop the bus.

"That deputy performed a rolling road block, slowing the bus down enough, for a passerby to jump out of his vehicle and reach in and place the bus in park," said the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Office.

It was ultimately determined that the driver was experiencing a medical emergency.

"The driver of the bus was found to be experiencing a medical emergency [and was] transported by the Granite Falls Ambulance to the Granite Falls Hospital, and the condition of the driver is unknown at this time."

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