Dad Throws Boy Into Ocean: "I'm Going To Jail For Being Awesome"

A father is accused of throwing his son into the ocean to teach him how to swim, and then leaving him so he could back flip off a pier.

According to the Daily Mail, 37-year-old John Bloodsworth was arrested on child abuse charges after he allegedly forced his 5-year-old son into the water, even though the boy didn't know how to swim.

Upon his arrest, he told officers he was teaching the boy to swim and that he's "going to jail for being awesome."

One witness who saw the boy "thrashing" in the water went out to save him, and he was "already visibly upset and crying." and took him to a police officer, who ended up arresting Bloodsworth.

The cop said the father was "clearly intoxicated" and the witness said the child was "already visibly upset and crying, and he didn't want to be there."

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