Amazon Workers Strike In Shakopee On Amazon Prime Day

Well, this is kind of expected! Amazon workers in Shakopee are going on a strike...just in time for Amazon Prime Day. If you've been paying attention to the news in the last year or two, lot's of Amazon workers have been striking across the country in hopes of improving pay and of course working conditions.

According to ABC, "Workers at the Shakopee facility said they have been organizing for the past year and a half, saying the retail giant is raking in record profits while their jobs become increasingly unstable." Employee's have said that they have gone on strike before but management has not acknowledged their concerns.

Amazon has released a statement, "We encourage anyone to compare our pay, benefits and workplace to other retailers and major employers in the Shakopee community and across the country and we invite anyone to see for themselves by taking a tour of the facility."

As of now, the rally is set to start at 4:00PM but Amazon officials said it will not slow down shipments.

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