Teen Confesses to Breaking Into California Zoo And Stealing A Lemur

Listen, we have all done stupid things as teenagers...that's just what teenagers do..but I think this takes the cake. A California teen has pleaded guilty in stealing an endangered lemur at the Santa Ana Zoo at night last year. What was the reasoning? So, he could keep it as a pet.

According to the Department of Justice said in a statement, Aquinas Kasbar, 19, broke into the zoo last year and stole Isaac, believed to be the oldest ring-tailed lemur in captivity in North America. According to Federal Officals, Isaac is 32 -- the life span of a lemur is about 20 to 25 years, ring-tailed lemurs are on the list of endangered primates and are under threat partly due to illegal pet trade.

Court documents stated, "Kasbar used bolt cutters to cut a hole in the zoo's enclosures for lemurs and capuchin monkeys, which enabled several of the animals to escape, though they were later recovered...it went on to say, He then placed Isaac in a plastic drawer that did not have ventilation holes, according to court documents. The next day, he abandoned the animal in front of a hotel in Newport Beach with a note. Lemur (with tracker), the note said. This belongs to the Santa Ana Zoo, it was taken last night please bring it to police."

The teenager will now be facing up to a year in federal prison with a $100,000 fine.

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