Netherlands Covers Hundreds Of Bus Stops With Plants To Help Honeybees

Hundreds of bus stops have been covered in plants and flowers in the Netherlands. Why is that? To help out the honeybees who have been in decline in recent years and support better air quality. Mainly made up of sedum plants, a total of 316 have been covered in greenery in the city of Utrecht.

These unique locations not only help the bees but also support bio-diversity. They also catch dust and store rainwater. According to, "The roofs are looked after by workers who drive around in electric vehicles, and the bus stops have all been fitted with energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches." They go on to say, The city aims to introduce 55 new electric buses by the end of the year and have 'completely clean public transport' by 2028. The electricity used to power the buses will come directly from Dutch windmills.

So, when can we start doing this because it sounds like a great idea!


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