Women's Razors Recalled For Increased Risk Of Lacerations And Injury

Razors are being recalled...for being too sharp.

According to the Daily Mail, Gillette is recalling 87,000 Venus Simply 3 Disposable Razors.

"We're disappointed to share that a temporary manufacturing issue resulted in about 500 Venus Simply 3 Disposable Razors in North America being released which are more likely to cut during normal use," said Gillette in a statement. "While this is a very small amount out of over 3 million razors produced each month, we have decided to replace any potentially impacted Venus Simply 3 disposable razors produced during this limited timeframe."

The misalignment could cause serious cuts for the consumer, Gillette explained.

The recall is specifically for two types of packaging for the Venus Simply 3 name: a Venus Simply 3 Disposable Razor 4-pack and a Daisy 12+1 Venus Simply 3 Bonus Pack.

Razors produced between January 2019 and May 2019 have the potential to be among those in the recall, and Gillette is asking people to call them if they believe they purchased one of the faulty blades at 800-362-1258.

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