"Sexiest Doctor Alive" Saves A Man From Meat Allergy Anaphylaxis


A man who went into anaphylactic shock on a plane was saved by a physician who people are calling the "sexiest doctor alive," and yea, he's pretty hot.

According to the Daily Mail, 26-year-old Matt Faraco was flying from New York City to Tel Aviv when his hands and throat began to swell.

When flight attendants called for help from a physician aboard the plane, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski a.k.a. Doctor Mike from YouTube stepped in to save his life with the plane's first aid kit.

Doctors in Israel later determined that Faraco had developed a severe meat allergy after he'd been bitten by a lone star tick a couple weeks before the flight. He'd eaten meat the night before, and the incident occurred after the first meal on the flight.

Dr. Varshavski said Faraco claimed he had steroids and Benadryl, which he advised he take first. Faraco had felt classic allergy symptoms the night before, like watery eyes, so he took Benadryl on his trip with him just in case.

There was no EpiPen on the plane, but the first aid kit had epinephrine and a large needle, which Dr. Varshavski administered on Faraco. Over the next 7 hours, he monitored his vitals every 30 minutes and Faraco was advised to go to an emergency room upon landing.

Dr. Varshavski is a celebrity doctor who was voted "Sexiest Doctor Alive."

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