A Woman For 23 Years Lived With A Forgotten Surgical Clamp In The Abdomen

This sounds like a total nightmare! A 62 year-old Russian woman, Ezeta Gobeeva suffered 23 years of sharp abdominal pain. The cause? Oh you know, a medical clamp from a surgery she had performed on her 23 years before. According to anomalien.com,

Trips to the doctors did not give the pensioner relief, they blamed everything for liver problems and prescribed painkillers for her. Every day Gobeeva drank pills to escape the pain. Only in 2019 she finally made an X-ray of the abdomen, and the picture was clearly showed a large metal clamp, used by surgeons during surgery. At first, the stunned radiologist thought that the woman had forgotten the scissors in her pocket, but quickly realized that it was indeed a foreign body in the area of the pelvic organs.

The length of the surgical clamp was 16 cm and hurt her with any kind of movement. Yeah, she endured 23 years of that! Ouch! The authorities of North Ossetia have agreed to pay all medical expenses for the emergency operation, as well as to pay moral compensation to the woman.


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