Mother Mortified After Nursery Calls About "Slide" Drawing

A mother was mortified when she was called into her daughter's nursery after staff spotted that her four-year-old daughter's drawing of a 'slide' looked rather rude.  

Little Amelia Barnhouse, from Cardiff, south Wales, had been on a school trip to the Brecon Beacons in Wales where she played on a slide so big she remembered it for the whole month.

So when she was asked to doodle her memories of the trip at nursery, Amelia drew a long pink slide with two large circular steps at the bottom - leaving staff in fits of giggles.

Full-time mother Vicci Barnhouse, 34, was left praying the 'ground would swallow her up' when staff invited her in for a chat at home-time on Friday.    

Meanwhile Amelia's father Patrick joked he wouldn't be returning to the nursery again in embarrassment.

But their daughter has enjoyed her new celebrity, even being awarded a gold star by her future headteacher for her efforts. 

Ms Barnhouse, from Cardiff, South Wales, said: 'I wanted the ground to swallow me up. It tickled us all.

'I 100% thought it was X-rated as soon as I saw it - it looking nothing like a slide.

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