Arby's Is Making Vegetables Out Of Meat Now...

Either Arby's have lost their minds or they're unto something here. Last Wednesday, they announced a menu "innovation" meant to re-affirm their stance on using animal-based protein. The chain’s brand executive chef said the motive behind the concoction was ‘staying true to our brand more than anything else.’

According To CNN, "The company says it has produced a new meat-vegetable hybrid food category called “megetables.” It’s an obvious troll against its fast food rivals, including Burger King, McDonald’s(MCD) and a dozen or so others, which are adding plant-based meat alternatives to their menus."

The first vegetable to meat combo is the marrot...which you guessed it...its a carrot made out of meat. The company even released a video on how to make it - see below: to Meat combo is the Marrot.

I'm honestly not sure if Arby's is messing with us or if it's trying to take itself seriously.

What do you think of Arby's Marrot? ...Excuse me while I laugh.

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