Jayme Closs Kidnapper Claims Some Details Are "Exaggerated" and "Made Up"

Jayme Closs' kidnapper and the man who murdered her parents claims authorities "made up" some "exaggerated" details in the case, and he only pleaded guilty to "make it easier" for the victim.

According to the Daily Mail, 22-year-old Jake Patterson told prison staff that he doesn't know why prosecutors and officials in the pre-sentence investigation used "fake" information against him.

An Inmate Classification Report dated May 30 says, "Mr. Patterson states that he doesn't know why he did this. He states the Criminal Complaint and PSI were exaggerated and he doesn't know why they did that as he already admitted to everything. ... He states she [Jayme] was shocked but wasn't crying."

"In regards to the victim," the report continues, he "showed concern" for Jayme yet personality assessments conclude that he shows no guilt for the crimes he committed.

Patterson has no plans to appeal despite saying fake information was used against him.

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